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Let’s have a Canadian Bacon Pizza with Three Cheeses and Lots of Veggies

Like the majority of Americans, I really like pizza. Sadly, pizza may be full of salt and fat, not a match for someone like me who’s looking to slim down. I wanted pizza for dinner, however as a more healthy variation of it. As soon as I searched the fridge I discovered a fresh box of a whole green pepper, mushrooms, half a red pepper, along with a carton of mixed cheese. Though there are some excellent Pizza Places near me but I decided to provide you with a secret healthy pizza recipe here.

These can create an excellent pizza!” I exclaimed.

For a lot of American families pizza is a fast, delicious meal, something everyone in your family appreciates. In accordance with the Home Pizza Chef website, Americans eat a second to about 350 slices of pizza. Wow! And you won’t be surprised by this: Girls are twice as likely to purchase vegetarian toppings.

I had a thin crust cheese pizza in the freezer. It was the store brand and, I understood there was small cheese onto it, although carton said cheese. To decrease the fat content, alter the cheese, I chose to create a pizza that has been mainly vegetables, and top it. Canadian bacon will function as meat as it’s a lot of flavors and almost no fat. I moistened the rim of the pie to keep it.

Pizza Places Near Me

I would blended cheese, Romano, Asiago, and Mozzarella, on hand, and so I used it. The cheese came from Trader Joe’s. You can join the various cheeses yourself in case your town does not have a division of this shop.


  • Fresh basil
  • One thin crust frozen pizza with cheese
  • Half cup diced green pepper
  • Half cup thinly sliced mushrooms (about five)
  • Half cup cup diced red pepper
  • One cup mixed Mozzarella, Romano, and Asiago cheese
  • Three or Four slices thick Canadian bacon, chopped
  • Two tablespoons extra light olive oil
  • Italian oregano to taste

Thin crust pizza cooks quite fast, so keep your eyes about it. It is a good touch, yet. My loving husband and I actually loved this pizza. It was so great I made a decision to share the recipe alongside you. Since there are just two of us, we had half a pizza remaining, which I refrigerated for lunch, and ate half.

The Method

Warm oven to 425 degrees. Coat the edges of pizza pan with nonstick spray. Place on the pan and begin layering vegetables, using the mushrooms then the green and red peppers, and Canadian bacon. Scatter combined cheese over the very top of the pizza. Bake until the edges begin to brown, about 15-20 minutes. Scatter fresh basil leaves at the upper part of the pizza that is warm. Makes four servings.

If you just look around in the city, you can easily locate Pizza Places near me choices offering some excellent option in healthy pizza menu.

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