Cab Near Me

Cab Near Me

Are you one those individuals in the country, who do not have a car of their own? You have an urgent appointment, and you think a cab is the most convenient way to reach the venue? Well, a yellow cab is the most convenient mode of transport if you do not want to take the public transport. Check out the options at cabs near me (competitor name), and you will get all the required links to all local cab companies. And you can easily avail the services.

Just click on one of the locations, and you will be directed towards the company name and their contact details. Most importantly, for your convenience, you can view the reviews of previous customers enlisted there. A link to the company website will also be given there. Once you are done with selecting your cab company and other requirements, you might want to read about a few tips and trivia about hiring a cab in the US. Keep scrolling down for that.

Find it on the map – Cab service near me

America On-Time Limo & Taxi

Morris Plains, NJ, USA

Phone:+1 973-794-2372


American Taxi

Alto, GA, USA

Phone:+1 706-968-7363


American Taxi NY

169 Commack Road, Suite H#246, Commack, NY 11725, United States

Phone:+1 631-993-3807


America Taxi Airport Luxury Limo Service

Belleville, NJ, USA

Phone:+1 973-206-9167


American Cab

Schaumburg, IL, USA

Phone:+1 847-517-7780


Premier Transportation Worldwide Chauffeur Services

999 American Blvd E, Minneapolis, MN 55420, USA

Phone:+1 612-331-7433



1051 Richard Ave #2, Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA

Phone:+1 408-444-5555


American Taxi Services Co

98 Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876, USA

Phone:+1 908-526-0055


America Express Taxicab

Bakersfield, CA, USA

Phone:+1 661-800-2212


America On-Time Limo & Taxi Service

10 Church St, Wharton, NJ 07885, USA

Phone:+1 973-920-2595


Cab Hiring Trivia

Selecting the right cab company and knowing how to handle them further, might not as easy as it seems. Presented below are a few helpful tips, on how to manage hired cabs in this country.

When to hire and when not to hire a cab?

If you are trying to book a taxi service, you may or may not be stood up. The reasons can be myriad. Sometimes, either the cabs are busy, or they are just not allowed randomly pull over and get customers. In general, the first thing you should check is the light on the top of the cab. Most cabs have a light on top that goes on signaling its availability and is turned off when the cab is occupied or off duty.

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Another thing to consider is your current location. Some localities have certain designated areas where you can easily catch a cab; such as airports, railways stations, major hotels and also if you are in The Strip, Las Vegas.

How much should you tip per ride?

Tipping the driver after every ride can be a tricky task and often difficult to figure out. While it usually depends on which city you are in, normally the rates range somewhere between 10% and 20%. For instance, if you are in New York, you might have to cough up roughly 25% which can even go up to 30% occasionally. Though you have the power to negotiate the rates. On the other hand, in San Francisco, the average tip rate is close to 15%; and in particular cities, the tip rate is as low as 10%. Like any other service, tipping should also be paid as per service and the satisfaction of the customer.

When is it most difficult to find a cab?

Have you been trying to book a cab for long? Well, check the time. You might seek to book a cab during the peak working hours. If it is between 4 pm and 6 pm, it’s tough to get a cab. Even after searching for a cab on our site, you might not be successful. This is because, it is rush hour in almost every city, thus making it difficult to get a cab. Just in case you need to go somewhere, you might choose the public transport or maybe just walk down, if the distance is not much.

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