Cupcakes Near Me

Cupcakes Near Me

If you are actively searching for some delicious cupcakes near me bakeries, just click on the map below and instantly locate the cupcake shops near you and instead birthday cake get the cupcakes. When you click on the bakery store name it will show you complete address, phone number and hours of operation. Even you can read the past customer reviews for better selection. Once you are done with the search, read some fun facts and trivia about cupcakes.

You know what is better than the usual muffin? A cupcake. Well, that may be somewhat arguable. Beneath, you’ll find the Cupcakes shops nearby Map. Here, you will find each of the nearby suppliers of cupcakes locally.

Cupcakes near me location

If you are in search for cake shop near me then the following list will help you find the one within your location. Here you can easily buy some delicious birthday cupcakes.

  • Gigi’s Cupcakes, Tennessee

If you are in Nashville or somewhere in the state of Tennessee, you should visit Gigi’s cupcakes which are worth your time and money.

Address:1816 Broadway A, Nashville, TN 37203, USA

Phone:+1 615-342-0140

Time: 7:30AM–9PM


  • Cupcake Royale, Washington

They are founded in the year 2003 and Seattle’s first cupcake café and bakery. They made their delicious cupcakes right from the scratch every day.

Address:108 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

Phone:+1 206-443-8674



  • Crave CupCakes, Texas

If you are missing the homemade cupcakes and craving for some delicious ones while in Houston then you should try Crave Cupcakes. Every day they bake these cupcakes in small batches just to serve you the best and fresh.


Address:5600 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77005, USA

Phone:+1 713-622-7283Crave CupCakes



Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes, New Jersey

It has a rating of 4.6 on Google which they truly deserve. They are known for providing the best cupcakes which are hard to find anywhere else in NJ.

Address:231 N Franklin Ave, Nutley, NJ 07110, USA

Phone:+1 973-667-7778

Time: 9AM–9PM


The origin of cupcake

Cupcakes have existed for quite a while. The very first mention of these in a cookbook was a novel written by Amelia Simmons called American Cooking. Like little cakes, they were only described at that time. The term, cupcake arrived three decades ago. Finally, it has come to take since its creation and is very much an American invention.

Are Muffin and cupcake same?

Aside from the ingredients, cupcakes often have a richer flavor and a sweeter as they can be mini -cakes. Muffins in many cases are savory and much drier in taste. As you’ll most likely discover fruits like blueberries that will put in a sweet flavor, the sweetness of a muffin will come with what gets added. They are still muffins using their dryness, although some chocolate muffins may begin to blur the lines a little.

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Typically, the two are remarkably similar and share five essential components: milk, eggs, butter, sugar, and flour. Muffins may be changed with by the flour kind. Cupcakes often make use of all-purpose flour, while it can be switched by muffins up to get several flour varieties like whole wheat, oat, and nut flour. Additionally, you will find that cupcakes have a tendency to use more sugar and butter.

The popularity level of cupcakes

Close to the American consumption, they just serve about forty-four million cupcakes annually, not in the UK. Over 700,000,000 per year, the use of cupcakes is in America the truth is the Food Network has a show going strong, and still focused on cupcakes called Cupcake Wars which has had nine successful seasons. Cupcakes are a love of the nation.

Cupcakes near me –Quick facts to read

Top 5 flavors of cupcakes

Even most of the bakeries let you buy cupcakes online keeping your convenience in mind of not leaving your place.

  1. Vanilla and chocolate

A chocolate cupcake using a vanilla continues to be the hottest and most efficient cupcake about. Sure, it can be easy and old-fashioned, but the mix won’t ever die out and we should be grateful for that, or maybe add several scatterings that are added just to allow it to be even more wealthy.

  1. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a decadent flavor that frequently has a cream cheese topping. The cupcakes are extremely like the cakes and are a treat and an excellent dessert. Perhaps think about them instead of a birthday cake next instance you’re throwing a bash.

  1. CarrotFlavor

Another popular classic in the cake class, which finds its way on the list that is a cupcake. Carrot a soft flavor that lets you compliment your toppings and adds the cupcake and little savories.

  1. Lemon

As it adds some nice dimension, lemon is an excellent flavor for cupcakes. The tanginess that that lemon adds, although you’ve got the routine sweetness of the cupcake. It goes great with vanilla icing and is a mild flavor.

  1. Coffee

Relish your coffee cake along with your java that is transferring, however, when it gets to the day or evening, a java cupcake is excellent. It can possess many different strengths and is pleasant, light depending on the way you make it.

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