CVS Near Me

CVS Near Me

It was a bad day at work or you forgot to bring medicine for your mother while coming back to home. Or maybe you are having a bad cold and unable to go out to get medicine for you. Like these several other unfortunate situations happen to us. Therefore, online pharmacy is such a relief to get whatever and whenever you need medicine and other stuff. In the United States, a large proportion of population relies on CVS brand and proactively search for CVS near me whenever they need any medicine and prescribed drugs.

About CVS Pharmacy

The American company CVS health is the prime owner of CVS Pharmacy which is headquartered in Rhode Islands. Although, the company was initially founded in the year 1963 by the name of Consumer Value Store in Massachusetts and owned by Melville Corporation. Later, in 1996 the ownership of the store is changed to CVS Health.

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If you are searching for CVS pharmacy near me then you may also wonder what CVS means. Well, the CVS stands for “Convenience, Value, and Service” according to its CEO Tim Ryan.

What does CVS sell?

CVS does not just sell prescription drugs. Also, provide a wide array of general merchandises including, beauty products, film, and photofinishing films, cosmetics and greeting cards, seasonal merchandise. As well as convenience foods via CVS Pharmacy.

It is also into health care services with more than 1100 diabetic clinics and MinuteClinic medical clinics. Most of these clinics are located within CVS stores.

Benefits of using CVS online Pharmacy

Finding the drug store near me location is not an easy task and therefore using the online pharmacy is quite beneficial.


The ease of not requiring to leave the house of one is an absolute advantage for those disabled from various health states or people whose tasks of day-to-day living are impaired. Individuals with memory difficulties might forget to purchase drugs and run from medicine when they do not place the order as soon as they think about it, in which case the skill to buy prescriptions 24 hours per day 365 days out of the year and have the drugs delivered to their doorstep is a significant advantage.

Make you independent

For those that depend on someone else such as a relative to be sure they’ve their needed medicines, the capacity to purchase online at work. Before dwelling house for work or after arriving home from work rather than being forced to make the drive to the drugstore is of incredible value to the individual supplying the helping hand and helps you to ensure drug can be obtained to all those in need of it.

Quick Comparison

In purchasing medicines online, the prices of brand name and generic drugs may be compared, and tough choices may be produced by choosing a brand name or generic drugs during the time of purchasing. If the prescribing physician suggested, generic substitution is allowed on the prescription since the costs of all medicines are shown on the drugstore website. Factoring in shipping charge and tallying the price of all drugs you should purchase is an excellent solution to budget to get a particular month.


On the local or prevalent state of affairs and the city, purchasing drugs on the Internet can be safer about the initial visit to the drugstore. In case you, therefore, are elderly and live in a high crime area, purchasing drugs online is prone to lower your odds to be the victim of a violent crime. Additionally, during catastrophes like civil unrest, economic instability, natural disasters, etc. the use of an online pharmacy would most likely be considerably safer than a drive to the drugstore. The safety factor must even be contemplated in case of a pandemic disease outbreak or an epidemic as the vulnerability to disease germs that were creating is greater in surroundings where especially ill people, many individuals regular, including drugstores.

How to find the CVS near me locations?

Follow these simple steps to find CVS pharmacy locations. And when you get the desired address it will also show you CVS pharmacy hours and contact details as well.

Whether you are Apple user or Android user easily download the CVS pharmacy app on your smartphone and find the store and place the order quickly.

Step 1-Apple users visit the website

Step 2–Click on the download option but before give your Email address and it will pick your location automatically.

Step 3 –Hit the download button and it will be installed automatically.

Step 4 – If you are an Android user Visit the Google play store or click on this link

Just click on the install button and CVS pharmacy app will be launched on your Android device.

10 Fast Facts on CVS

It is really convenient to make the right decision when you have all the facts clear about the place. Therefore, when you are looking for CVS near me it is quite advantageous to consider following information about the store to proceed better.

  1. In the year 2014, CVS ended the sale of all the tobacco products
  1. CVS provides many scholarships to teens and children looking to pursue their career in medicine.
  1. Every year CVS fills more than 1.8 billion prescriptions.
  1. Nearly 76% of American population resides around 5 miles of CVS pharmacy.
  1. At all CVS locations, about 5 million people are served on the daily basis.
  1. To cut down its carbon footprint CVS started rolling out digital receipts.
  1. The website of CVS gets 26 million hits every year.
  1. In the year 2014, nail polish was the best selling beauty product in CVS. Selling more than 20 million units.
  1. CVS also provides shelf tagging system that initiates alerts on GMOs and additional unhealthy ingredients and let the buyers make healthy food choices.
  1. Most of the CVS stores have reward Kiosks that provide coupons to its members for big savings.

More than 9 million Counseling Interventions Sessions provided by CVS Health

The CVS Pharmacy Adviser Software has supplied counseling interventions that were essential to patients unsure about well-being needs or their prescriptions. This system lets CVS Health Pharmacist talk to their physicians as well as patients instantly, making it that much more easy for patients to produce choices that are sensible while closing disparities in care. This provides reassurance and reduces health care costs it enhances the patient’s general well-being. If you’re in need of counseling intervention, just seek near me” to the map below “CVS to find a pharmacist nearby.

Which is the top-selling brand at CVS near me store?

Need to be informed of specifically what the top-selling brand at CVS pharmacy is? A small away., if you believe top national brands including P&G or Unilever you’re The very best selling brand as of this chain is, in fact, the CVS wellness brand. From Gold Emblem merchandises to CVS brand, consumers can’t resist the small and caliber costs this store brand offers through the United States at its tens of thousands of retail locations.

The Final Say

Clearly, there’s a larger convenience when you purchase drugs on the internet. On the downside, many internet drugstores are cheating. These cheats will not deliver quality products or services and just get your cash. To ensure you prevent these kinds of pharmacies, recall the precautions that are succeeding.

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The CVS drug store ensures the details you provide are kept confidential. They also let you read their legal terms to know wherever payment information or your charge card goes. Your e-mail also needs to be as you are going to get junk about Viagra or scam diet medications is private.

In the event qualities have been trusted by the CVS pharmacy, you will have the ability to save more cash purchasing with that website. Execute quality research to make sure you choose a drugstore that carries out quality services.

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