Dentist Near Me

Dentist Near Me

Are you suffering from a terrible pain in your mouth or did you chip your tooth? Do you have a bad breath? Or perhaps you are just looking for clinical teeth whitening treatments? There are no fewer reasons for paying a visit to a dentist. It may possible that you are new to the area and looking for routine cleaning and checkup?

Regardless, what is your reason for visiting a dentist, following listing of dentist address and location search will help you. In a map below simply type the dentist near me and it will automatically pick up your location and return with the dentist locations within your area. Also, you can select any location and search for dentists.

It will also provide you with a phone number, hours of operation and website link (if they have any). You can read the past clients reviews as well and look for experienced dentist office near me addresses.

Find it on map – Dentist near me locations

Even you can search for the pediatric dentist near me options within the list.


Dr. Michael B Wood

Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

429 Church St

Selma, AL 36701-4565


Dr. Marquis D Heath

General Practice

Rural Health Medical Program, Inc.

228 Selma Ave

Selma, AL 36701-5825


Dr Gerald A Anderson, II

General Practice

730 Selma Ave

Selma, AL 36701-4648




Dr. Michael Wise

General Practice

333 E Market Ave

Searcy, AR 72143-5429


Dr. Jeffrey H Byram

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

831 S Main St

Searcy, AR 72143-6857


Dr. A Elizabeth Patterson

Pediatric Dentistry

600 W Arch Ave

Searcy, AR 72143-5206




Dr. Kelly Boulom

General Practice

2432 Jensen Ave

Sanger, CA 93657-2296


Dr Carlos G Rodriguez

General Practice

825 N St

Sanger, CA 93657-3115


Dr. Maria Lourdes B Dimatera

General Practice

801 N St

Sanger, CA 93657-3115


Dr. Myra R Van Hoff

General Practice

Frank Ikuta DDS

1655 8th St.

Reedley, CA 93654




Dr. Tina Thomas

General Practice

5935 US Highway 27 N Ste 103

Sebring, FL 33870-1200


Dr. Michael A Lamp

General Practice

4511 Sun N Lake Blvd Ste 102

Sebring, FL 33872-2169


Dr. Deborah P Milliken

General Practice

SFSC/Dental Education Center

600 W College Dr

Avon Park, FL 33825-9356


Dr. Leslie W Celestina

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

5601 Us Highway 27 N

Sebring, FL 33870-1212


This listing and online search on map help you find a dentist effortlessly.


Dentist near me – Quick Facts to read

Top dental treatments

Teeth Whitening

The best dental bleaching that patients can have are done in practices. Your home whitening kits that cost considerably more affordable and much more accessible to the consumers are not as successful because of the low-grade peroxide and the typical lack of discipline in using gel or the strips on the teeth of one. One of the favorites in practice processes, the treatment using a peroxide-based whitening gel gets the best cost for the reason that it uses an ultraviolet lamp to accelerate the bleaching procedure as an alternative to laser light.

Bridge and Implants

A bridge can contain one or more artificial teeth. To get a bridge, the adjacent teeth should be healthy and sturdy.

A dental implant can also be an artificial tooth. But instead of utilizing a metal framework to anchor it to the teeth that were adjoining the dental implant is anchored to the jawbone. The dentist takes tooth’s impression which is to be replaced to prepare an implant.


Invisalign braces help patients who desire to straighten their teeth, however, do not want anyone to see their braces. It could be very helpful value their individual picture and for those who often interact socially. Furthermore, such braces are custom designed to fit each man’s mouth perfectly.


Without fracturing, tooth removal may be carried out. It transfers back and forth in the socket, to loosen the tooth. In the event the tooth’s hard to loosen, the device called ‘lift or ‘luxate’ is used to break the periodontal tissues in the jawbone to where it’s attached. After it’s loosened, the tooth may be pulled out using the forceps.

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