Dermatologist Near Me

Dermatologist Near Me

Our facial skin is quite sensitive and it gets affected by an external environment like pollutants as well as the food we eat or products we use on your face. In case some allergic reaction occurs then it require the immediate attention of a proficient dermatologist. If you are searching for the experienced dermatologist near me locations, browse the map below and find a dermatologist easily.

The training and credentials needed to be a professional dermatologist differ from nation to nation, but most require a special assessment, at least as well as a college degree.

A dermatologist is a medical professional who focuses primarily on nails, hair and skin, and the disorders that may impact those body parts. There are a variety of divisions of dermatology, focusing on each body part, or focusing on various kinds of illnesses and ailments that may impact them. These units vary from cosmetology- to immunology- to pathology focused.

Following listing will help you get the address and phone number of skin doctor near me clinics.

Find it on map –Dermatologist near me locations

  • Alabama

Danette D. Bentley MD, FAAD

Hoover, AL



Robert L. Henderson MD, FAAD

Alabaster, AL



Patricia O’Connor MD, FAAD

Birmingham, AL



  • Alaska


Hannibal Eccles MD, FAAD

Ft Wainwright, AK



Robert F. Moreland MD, FAAD

Anchorage, AK



Mathew Michael Cannava MD, FAAD

Soldotna, AK


  • Arizona


Gary Anthony McCracken MD, FAAD

Scottsdale, AZ



Michelle L. Jeffries DO, FAAD

Scottsdale, AZ


Xuan H. Nguyen MD, FAAD

Gilbert, AZ




Regina C. Hamlin MD, FAAD

Fresno, CA



Jeffrey J. Crowley MD, FAAD

Bakersfield, CA



Elena Martinho MD, FAAD

Templeton, CA



Frank Weldon Berry MD, FAAD

Merced, CA



  • New York


Robert L. Buka MD, FAAD

New York, NY



Yakov Dudelzak MD, FAAD

New York, NY



Alexis L. Granite MD, FAAD

New York, NY



Sapna Palep MD, FAAD

New York, NY



  • Texas

Craig D. Urban MD, FAAD

Abilene, TX



Michael B. Stroud MD, FAAD

Mineral Wells, TX



Ritchie Rosso MD, FAAD

Odessa, TX



Even you can search for more best dermatologist near me places and clinics to visit them as per your convenience.

Types of dermatology

One form of dermatology is immunohematology. This deals with disorders where the immune system invades parts of the body, including lupus. Some pathologists also focus on diseases and dermatological ailments and so are known as dermatopathologists.

A different type of Dermatology is aesthetic dermatology. Professionals of the division deal with giving patients facelifts, distributing Botox and performing liposuction. Some patients want to have these procedures done to be able to enhance their look, although some need treatment following accidents like chemical spills or fires.

The historical perspective on dermatology

As we know dermatology deals with different types of skin or skin related ailments. However, in a historical perspective the year 1025 registered with first evidence of the existence of dermatology when a book “The Canon of Medicine” was written by Persian scientist and philosopher Avicenna. The book described various treatments and materials used to treat various skin problems.

In the year 1801, Hospital Saint-Louis in Paris was the first hospital that becomes first teaching center in dermatology.

Local Dermatologist near me – A quick facts

These dead cells can form up to fifty percent of each of the dust! They add up to about a billion tons of atmospheric dust complete. Scar tissue forms to fix the damage when the skin is damaged badly enough. Scar tissue differs to normal skin, most apparently because it doesn’t include hair or sweat glands. Skin is comprised of over three hundred million cells.

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Nails and hair are in fact made of the same material, a protein called keratin. Human facial hair is the fastest-growing of any hair physically. Head hair grows approximately 6 inches annually. Just about all mammals, using a few exceptions, grow hair on their bodies

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