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DMV Near Me

DMV Near Me

Whether it is about getting a license or renew the one or there are some other reasons for visiting DMV office. The only hassle is finding DMVnear your locality especially when you are new to the city. However, in a map below you can use the convenience of locating the DMV near me addresses that will include a complete list of all DMV offices within 5 to 25 miles or radius. If you want then you expand the search to 50 miles or more and access the DMV operating hours as well.

The permit isn’t just used to demonstrate the capacity to drive an automobile but is also accustomed to confirm the identity for a variety of scenarios. In the DMV will even manage teachers and driving schools. DMV additionally problem motorist’s guides in every single state. All drivers are likely to abide by the rules in this guide.

Get all the details about DMV office hours, address or whether DMV open on Saturday.

Find it on the map – DMV locations near me

The following list will help you get the nearest DMV address.

You access the following DMV locations at

Alabama Department of Revenue: Motor Vehicle Division

Arizona DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles

Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles

Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

California DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles

Florida DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles

Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles

Iowa Motor Vehicle Division

Illinois DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles

Indiana BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Kentucky Department of Transportation

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

Michigan DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services

Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission

Missouri Division of Motor Vehicles

Montana Motor Vehicle Division

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Division

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

New Jersey DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles

New York DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles

Ohio BMV Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

Tennessee Department of Safety

South Dakota Motor Vehicles Division

Utah Division of Motor Vehicles

Texas DMV Department of Motor Vehicles

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

Washington State Department of Licensing

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

Wisconsin DMV Department of Transportation

Wyoming DMV Department of Transportation

West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles

The given list will easily help you visit the DMV office near me location without much hassle.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is a government department of many states in America. DMV is a common term which is understood, while the correct name varies from state to state. The section handles licensing of drivers as well as auto-enrollment. The section has lots of duty due to the need for driver’s licenses in The United States.

Does DMV be present in every state?

A current section instead performs the duties of the DMV. For instance, in Michigan, the Department of State shows the jobs; in Missouri the Department of Revenue does them. The Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa as well as the Virgin Islands have their particular offices to control motor vehicles.

When the first time driver’s license was introduced?

In the year 1903 Massachusetts and Missouri were first states that introduced the driver’s license. Prior to this, there is no need to carry a license to drive an automobile. Moreover, in the year 1899 New York and Chicago were the first places that introduced the automobile registration. NYC only allowed licensed engineers to operate the cars which are steam-powered whereas Chicago asked all drivers to pass the exam.

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