Italian Restaurants Near Me

Italian Restaurants Near Me

Are you searching for the Italian restaurant near me address? Just browse the map below and instantly locate the Italian restaurants near me address. When you click on the restaurant name it will show you complete address, phone number and their hours of operation. You can also book your table online or just call them for quick reservation. The listing also contains past customer reviews that will help you select the place according to your taste.

A current study concluded that more than 72% of all Americans would rather eat Italian food for dinner than nearly every other ethnic cuisine. The motive? Italian food gives you a bevy of choices to satisfy the pickiest of eaters, but Italian restaurants are common in much every nook and cranny of America. In bustling Northeast to the rural Midwest, locating an Italian restaurant is usually as simple as typing several words into the search bar.

Find it on a map –Italian restaurants near me

Finding instantly Italian food near me is now just a matter of few clicks. Use the map below to find the best Italian place nearby.


  • Primo Italian American Cuisine, Illinois

This is Gurnee’s best Italian-American restaurant known for serving scrumptious lobster, steak& pasta including the wine bar. In other words, it is a perfect chic place with a casual setting.

Address: 720 Milwaukee Ave, Gurnee, IL 60031, USA

Phone:+1 847-336-3446

Time: 11AM–1AM


  • Sam’s Italian American Restaurant, New York

Longtime restaurant offering scrumptious servings of Italian red-sauce in a charming space with a bar where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones

Address:125 Southern Blvd, Albany, NY 12209, USA

Phone:+1 518-463-3433

Time: 4:30–10PM


  • PazzaNotte, New York

This wonderful Midtown eatery with 4.1 Google Rating offering brick-oven pizza and Italian basics. And amazing plus a vibrant happy hour.

Address:1375 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019, USA

Phone:+1 212-765-6288

Time: 11:30AM–11:30PM


  • Divieto Italian-American Fusion, Florida

Lustrousrestaurant features the décor of the 20s. It delivers an excellent combination of classic & modern Italian fare & some Innovative American options worth trying.

Address:10650 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178, USA

Phone:+1 305-470-8038

Hours: 11AM–12AM

Whether you are craving for pasta restaurants near me or actively looking for Italian takeaway near my places. Everything related to Italian menu is available on the list.

Did you know? The biggest sin against pasta

Many chefs consider being the greatest sin against pasta. Specialists state the worst violation you can perpetrate is overcooking the pasta while a less than leading seasoning mix or thin sauce can mar an excellent dish. Does overcooked pasta not taste great, but it more difficult for people to digest. For this reason, the principle would be to at all time cook pasta al dente.

Did you know about the oldest Italian restaurant in the United States?

If you are searching for local Italian restaurants near me then you must be wondering which is the oldest Italian place in the US. Ralph’s is the earliest running restaurant that is Italian in America. Founded by, Francesco Dispigno of Naples in the 19th century, Ralph’s is a staple in this Philadelphia area for more than 100 years. Named for Dispigno’s son, who finally took on the company, this eatery lived through the rough times of the Second World War and the great depression.

Italian restaurants near me – Quick facts to read

Regional differences in the flavor of Italian menu

Italian cuisine will probably change based on your place the way we eat pasta in America is usually the same regionally. Italy is a story that is different. Each area in Italy has unique methods for eating pasta and its favorite.

Top Italian restaurants in America

It is suggested to visit these top places if you are NT, Seattle and Boulder and looking for best Italian restaurants near me.

  1. Marea, New York City

If the original taste you crave and seeking Italian restaurants near me. Then Marea is your best bet if it’s credibility. The head chef spent years cooking for a few of the pickiest diners real Italians, of all!

  1. Tulio, Seattle

If it’s daring and excellent Italian dishes while seeking Italian near me that you’re craving, Tulio is your very best bet. With hot offerings, homemade noodles, and much more wine choices than you have the knowledge of how to proceed with, it is one of the finest of the top Italian eateries in America.

  1. Frasca, Boulder

This eatery boasts some the finest Italian grub in the nation, although sure, Boulder, Colorado mightn’t appear like the primary place you’d hunt for a heroic Italian joint. From a fantastic wine list to genuine Italian cuisine, this is eatery really a million and one.

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