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Are you searching for cheap auto parts to get your ride moving again? Maybe you got an automobile that needs to be disposed of? Junkyard is not a place where you can get rid of old, clumsy automobile but you can find million other random things at a good junkyard or salvage yards. On the map below you will find the details on junkyard near me locations.

All you need is to click on the location and it will give you the complete list of nearby junkyards. Moreover, you can click on the any of the address and easily retrieve their phone number, street address and hours of operation. Once done with the location search, read some interesting details about salvage yards near me like trivia and quick facts.

Find it on the map – Junk Yards near me locations

The following list will bring you comprehensive details on auto salvage near me locations.

American Automotive LLC

4201 Sycamore Ave, Madison, WI 53714, USA

Phone:+1 608-224-1982

American Auto Salvage

3015 W Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53210, USA

Phone:+1 414-444-3838

All American Auto Salvage

2405 W Mt Houston Rd, Houston, TX 77038, USA

Phone:+1 281-999-4444

American Auto Parts

1807 N 16th St, Omaha, NE 68110, USA

Phone:+1 402-341-1111

Autoworld of America

8800 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33147, USA

Phone:+1 305-696-5555

Hours: 9AM–6PM

American Auto Parts

3201 S 63rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19153, USA

Phone:+1 215-365-7600

American Auto II Inc

3135 NJ-50, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215, USA

Phone:+1 609-965-6700

Hours: 7AM–5PM

American Auto Salvage

2567 Decatur Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76106, USA

Phone:+1 817-335-3328


Pacific Auto Salvage Inc

5759 Broadway St (hwy 29), American Canyon, CA 94503, United States

Phone:+1 707-255-1437

You can also inquire the scrap yards near me hours of operation over the phone.

Organization of junk yard

The lot you locate using Junk Yards Close Me is going to have a good system of an organization if you’re fortunate. You’ll most likely get the body systems set up with autos and high demand components close to the front, while the less demanded automobiles are concealed in the rear. You may even locate vehicles grouped by make and model and with imports divided and national. Your Ford is going to take a location that is different than your Honda and BMW will be way off someplace else. It might be far better ask directions if this is your very first time in a junk yard that is certain.

Types of Junk Yard

In most cases, there are two primary forms of junk yards you will locate. The foremost is the full-service junk yard. In this instance, you don’t have to do more than understanding exactly what you would like. You get as much as the clerk, make your requests. Someone locates the parts you want and after that bring them up for you and heads to the trunk. This manner is simpler than fighting for the right bit and learning organization system.

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The next is a classic do-it-yourself setup. After you get past the clerk, that may need signing a waiver so that you can’t sue them, which means, you’re left to yourself. Locate the components you require you can roam, take out the parts and after that carry on your joyful manner. It is an excellent method to get it done if you would like to benefit from the drift, possess time and don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

Junk yard near me – Quick Facts

3 Greatest and biggest junkyards

Old Car City, Atlanta, Georgia

This junkyard is in fact located fifty miles to the north of Atlanta. It’s got 35 acres of automobiles and is considered the greatest, by a variety of vehicles, junk yard on the planet. There are over 4500 vehicles in the home as well as the owner does actually understand exactly how many cars there are.

Taxi Graveyard, Chongqing, China

Okay, the name of the area probably isn’t really ca graveyard, but it’s simply remarkable. Numerous yellow taxis are corroding away and simply sitting. This area has to spare if you’re buying a yellow taxi for whatever reason, perhaps a film scene.

Corvair Ranch, Gettysburg, PA

At Corvair Ranch, you will discover over 650 old Corvairs for one to relish. This one qualifies if you’re buying specialization junk yard. Thus, in case you want a classic Corvair ultra van, truck or automobile component, this can be the best spot to go actually. Also, they provide service in their four care bays.

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